A look back at DMC's History!
  • 1949 - Englishman Norman Walton establishes Queen City Secretarial Services.

    Norman found a need for direct mail services in his time as a sales rep for fordigraph folding machines. He found his clients would rather pay someone else to fold their letters then spend the money on a Fordigraph machine. All letters and envelopes are printed with a typewriter, folded with a fordigraph machine and enclosed into envelopes manually.
  • - 1966 DMC Registered

    The Direct Mail Centre of Australia Pty Ltd was registered as a company, making it the first registered mailing house in Australia
  • 1978 - New owner - Ian McLauchlan

    DMC is purchased by Ian McLauchlan who at the time was running two competitive companies; AUTO-TYPE & AUTO-MAIL. These 3 companies merged and kept the name The Direct Mail Centre of Australia.
  • - 1979 Inserting gets Automated

    DMC installs its first automated enclosing machine (Phillipsburg) after acquiring the John Martins account.
  • 1980 - Xerox Printers Installed

    First Fuji Xerox printers are installed at the DMC as the need for better quality printing with a quicker turnaround is required. (DMC still uses Fuji Xerox printers to this day)
  • - 1989Direct Addressing of Envelopes

    SANWA Inkjet printers are introduced for the direct addressing of envelopes. This supersedes self-adhesive labels, the addressograph system and the typewriter. The DMC has since upgraded to an Intelmail Inkjet printer capable of addressing 20,000 envelopes per hour.
  • 1999 - New Owner - Lawson Family

    The Lawson Family purchases The Direct Mail Centre of Australia.
  • - 2006 Adelaides Largest ever Mailing

    Adelaide largest ever single mail lodgement is made by the DMC for the SEO's local government elections. Approx 1.2million items.
  • 2009 - 60 years

    DMC celebrates its 60th Anniversary.
  • - 2012 DMC moves to Edwardstown

    As business grows, DMC Australia moves out of the city to South Road Edwardstown. The new building is 2x the size of the previous city location whilst also giving the DMC main road frontage.