DMC is one of the only mail houses in Australia to print its customers envelopes in house. From 11B to X-Ray size envelopes, DMC prints all of these envelopes on Halm Jet-Press equipment. From 1 colour to 4 colour printing we can cater to all your enveloping needs. The ability to print these envelopes in house, allows us to cut days off the turnaround time to produce a DM mailing.

Envelopes come in a variety of sizing & Sealing options so contact us today for an envelope price book.


Need catalogues, magazines or letterhead printed? Then let the DMC manage this process. The DMC has established relationships with some of Australia's top offset printers to ensure that you get the best price possible.


Using the latest in Xerox digital technology the DMC can help you get the most out of your mailing campaign. Full colour and black & white digital printing is available for you variable mail piece.


Rather than use labels the DMC has the ability to directly address the envelope to give it more of a professional feel. Our state of the art inkjet printer can address up to 20,000 mail pieces per hour.



With the capacity to fold up to 40,000 sheets of paper and hour why not let the DMC handle all of your folding requirements.


Quality machines and experienced staff ensure that your mailing is processed professionally, accurately and most importantly with care. We can enclose up to 8 inserts in a DLX envelope and 6 inserts into C4 and C5 sized envelopes. Manual enclosing is also available.


The DMC offers high speed wrapping of catalogues, newsletters and magazines for clients looking for that professional finish with maximum impact. For the environmentally conscious ask about our degradable plastic wrap.


In 2020 DMC in partnership with BioBag developed Australias first 100% Compostable clear mailing film called Compostable Wrap. Compostable Wrap is a certified 100% compostable plastic wrap alternative. Our innovative new wrap creates less waste, is Earth-friendly with no toxic or microplastic residues, and is a sustainable alternative to regular plastic. Compostable Wrap is suitable for your home compost or council approved organics recycling bins.

More information information can be found at



PreSort letters is a cost effective way to send fully addressed mail. You can get discounted postage rates if you're sending more than 300 machine addressed items, all barcoded and sorted.
Postage rates start at $1.04 per item, and depend on the size and weight of the item, the destination, level of sorting and the delivery standard you need. (Priority or Regular)


Do you send out publications such as newspapers, magazines or catalogues at least twice a year? If so you could save money with Print-Post.
Postage rates start at $0.99 per item and depend on the size and weight of the item, and the sort category.


If you send large volumes of promotional mail, Promo Post offers you a cost-effective and straightforward way to send your articles in bulk.
Postage rates start at $0.73 per item provided you a minimum of 4000 items to be lodged. Pricing also depends on the size and weight of the item and the sort category.


If you're an income tax exempt charity, charity mail help you save money on your bulk mail (300 items or more)
Postage rates start at $0.58 per item, depending on the destination, level of sorting and the delivery standard you need.


Reach consumers and businesses more effectively by using Australia Post's Unaddressed mail to distribute your letterbox advertising. Send catalogues, flyers and other promotional material nationwide, or target suburbs or postcodes.
Pricing starts at $0.22 per item and prices are based on size, weight, destination and the service type you require.